Collection: Amélie Bourgeois

As a French cosmetology student, Amélie Bourgeois found herself most captivated not by moisturizer or makeup, but by the powerful perfume extracts that give cosmetic products their distinctive scents. After an internship at Cinquième Sens revealed a passion and gift for perfumery, Amélie stayed with the company for seven years, developing new fragrances and refining a personal style that she eventually parlayed into the founding of FLAIR, her own independent studio.

A rarified ability to capture the essence of the inspiration behind a fragrance in compositions that evoke and surprise in equal measure has made Amélie one of the most sought after young noses in perfumery. Her work is strongly rooted in the real scents of the natural world, yet her broad experience across the beauty industry allows her to refine with precision, and produce sensational compositions across the spectrum.