Collection: Maurice Roucel

Maurice Roucel is a highly acclaimed French perfumer with a career spanning over four decades. Born in Cherbourg, France, in 1946, Roucel discovered his love for scents at a young age. His mother, who was a teacher, would take him to the beach, where he was fascinated by the smell of sunscreen from L’Oreal and the kiosks selling French Fries and ices.

Roucel started his professional career as a chemist at Chanel's laboratory in 1973, where he worked for six years and learned the art of Haute-Parfumerie under the guidance of Henri Robert, Chanel's house perfumer at the time. After leaving Chanel, Roucel joined Quest International, where he worked as a perfumer for twelve years, honing his craft and developing his signature scent of Michelia longifolia.