Collection: Nathalie Lorson

Nathalie Lorson is a Master Perfumer who has made a significant contribution to the world of fragrances. Born in Grasse, France, the home of perfumery, Nathalie's love for fragrances began at a young age when she used to accompany her father to work at the fragrance house Roure. Despite being one of the few women in the industry at the time, Nathalie pursued her passion and attended the prestigious Roure Bertrand Dupont perfumery school.

With a couple of hundred perfumes to her name, Nathalie's fragrances are known for their harmonious and generous olfactive style. Her choice of raw materials is characteristically smooth, round, and sensual, and her creations include Lalique Amethyst, Flora by Gucci, Le Labo Poivre 23, Bentley for Men, and Dita Von Teese's signature scent. Nathalie is one of the four perfumers at Firmenich who worked on the new YSL Black Opium, one of her most popular works.