Collection: Powdery

As its name suggests, the powdery fragrance is reminiscent of talc powder, lipstick and vintage cosmetics. Moreover, the origin of this olfactory sub-family comes directly from rice powder. It is one of the oldest beauty secrets in the world. This powder, obtained from ground grains of rice, comes from Asia and was highly prized by geishas.

In Europe, flour was used to whiten the skin, a sign of wealth and refinement. But the famine of 1740 made this commodity very rare. Rice powder became the alternative and sprinkled all the faces and wigs of the good society from the 17th century. To these ground grains, we add rhizome powder of different plants, such as iris, which will then become a key ingredient of these tones. Legend says that it was Catherine de Medici who was responsible for this discovery, adding ground iris powder to her skin care products. This was the birth of powdery notes.