Collection: Anne-Sophie Behaghel

Anne-Sophie Behaghel is a perfumer and business developer at Flair Paris, an independent fragrance creation studio. She has also worked with fragrance companies such as Symrise and Firmenich. Anne-Sophie's passion for perfumery began during her studies at Cinquième Sens, a company specializing in perfume creation, brand and supplier training, and consulting for scented products.

After completing her studies, Anne-Sophie worked as a personal care evaluator at Symrise and as a fine fragrance account manager at Firmenich. Her experience in these roles allowed her to hone her skills in creating fragrances that work well in both personal care and fine fragrance categories.

Anne-Sophie's fragrances are often described as delicate, subtle, and poetic. She approaches each project with academic rigor while still remaining a bit of a poet at heart. Her passion for natural raw materials is reflected in her work, and she believes that they should be prized and respected. Anne-Sophie's notable fragrances include Le Mat by Mendittorosa, Nevermore by Frapin, Sel d'Argent by BDK Parfums, and Electric Wood by Room 1015.