Collection: Nathalie Feisthauer

As far as she can remember, Nathalie has always had a passion for scents. It was when she discovered Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent that her vocation became obvious: she was to become a perfumer. The Roure (now Givaudan) perfumery school - Grasse is the most prestigious perfumery school. In 1983, Nathalie, with her passionate and outgoing character, was the first trainee without a perfumery family background to integrate into this program. At the time, new trainee came from Grasse only. Perfumery remained a family tradition, almost a guild. New–York, Nathalie’s career takes off at Estée Lauder: She immersed herself in the American style, energy, fun, and “hooks”. This cosmopolitan spirit enriched her and increased her artistic creativity.