Collection: Marie Duchêne

Born in 1973, Marie Duchêne knew she wanted to be a perfumer for as long as she could remember. Growing up in the Reims region of France, she pursued her passion for fragrance by studying chemistry before joining the prestigious ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires) in Versailles in 1994. At ISIPCA, Duchêne honed her knowledge of raw materials, perfume accords, the history of perfumery, and the chemistry of scent.

Marie Duchêne's internships led her to the Grasse region, where she began her apprenticeship with various perfume companies. As she gained experience and connections, Duchêne established her own fragrance creation company, MD Fragrances, in 2002. With MD Fragrances, she offers her expertise and carefully sourced quality raw materials to her clients. Duchêne also collaborates with a team of talented professionals who share her dedication to making each creation exceptional.