Collection: Annick Ménardo

Annick Ménardo is a highly acclaimed French master perfumer who has created a number of iconic fragrances. Born in France, she developed an interest in science and psychiatry during her childhood. However, it was her passion for perfumery that led her to pursue a degree in chemistry and a diploma from the prestigious ISIPCA, the French perfume academy in Versailles.

After graduating, Annick Ménardo started her journey in perfumery as a trainee at Créations Aromatiques, where she studied under the guidance of Michel Almairac. She refined her craft, developing a precise, exacting, and slightly rebellious composition style, with each note carefully chosen for memorable and unexpected scents.

In 1991, Annick Ménardo joined Firmenich, one of the world’s leading fragrance companies, where she created a number of successful fragrances for renowned brands such as Boss for Hugo Boss and Dior Hypnotic Poison. Her fragrances are known for their unique signature and strong identity that make them memorable. Annick Ménardo's work is highly regarded in the industry and she is considered a leading figure in modern perfumery.