Collection: Delphine Thierry

Delphine Thierry is a talented perfumer known for her ability to sublimate the raw materials she works with. After graduating from ISIPCA, she started her career in Grasse, where she contributed to creating several successful Guerlain fragrances. Delphine has since become an independent perfumer (Inspiration Libre) and has gained a reputation for creating innovative and captivating scents in the niche market.

Her exceptional talent has made her highly sought-after by significant fragrance companies, including L'Oreal, Chanel, IFF, and Mane. She has also worked with niche brands such as Lubin, Majda Bekkali, and Masque Milano, creating popular fragrances like Akkad, Galaad, Tendre Est La Nuit, Montecristo, and Terralba.

Delphine's passion for scent is unwavering, and she continues to explore new materials and techniques to bring her unique vision to life. She believes in nurturing a close relationship with the raw materials she works with and seeks to bring out their true essence in every scent she creates.