Collection: Saffron

Saffron has a spicy, earthy, and leathery aspect that can add depth to any eau de parfum. It's a bit of a mystery scent reminiscent of leathery bar stools and sipping glasses of gin and tonic.

As a single-note scent, it's spicy and long-lasting. However, it's often combined with other notes such as vanilla and amber to create a warm and spicy signature fragrance.

There are a few reasons why saffron is such a popular scent. For one, it's unique. You don't often come across a fragrance that's both earthy yet spicy all at the same time. And because saffron is so expensive, it has a luxurious feel.

People also love saffron for its therapeutic properties. Saffron has been said to reduce inflammation and improve moods, making it the perfect scent for relaxing and unwinding. And finally, saffron is incredibly long-lasting, giving your fragrance a boost that lasts all day long.