Collection: Serge De Oliveira

Serge de Oliveira started in 2002 as an assistant perfumer at IFF, where he fell in love with the raw materials of perfumery.
With the help of Richard Ibanez, he became interested in woody notes such as vetiver and patchouli. He became a junior perfumer at Robertet in Grasse.

"I have always been passionate about the world of scents, and I am constantly on the lookout for novelty and olfactory originality. Everything inspires me. I have the opportunity to do work that fascinates me and in which the raw materials are revealed a little more each day. Each of my creations reflects a part of my personality and gives me the opportunity to express myself freely".
Serge joined the Parisian centre, while remaining a privileged interlocutor for perfumed projects from the Grasse headquarters.