Collection: Francesca Bianchi

I have been a perfume lover since I was a child. I graduated in History of Art, specialising in the XXth century. My passion for creating perfumes was inspired by reading a book on natural perfumery. I have been studying and experimenting ever since. I lived in several European cities, Florence, Berlin, Luxembourg, and Amsterdam, and worked in the Art Books Publishing industry. It was in Amsterdam, where I currently live, that I finally created my own perfume line.

I am mostly inspired by the power of what it means to be human, by the wish to connect with people’s inner life, the desire to spark an emotion in them and make them feel at home in their own bodies, offer solace, or just a quick fix for a bad day. Olfactory signals travel with no mediation – just in a couple of synapses – to the limbic system, the place assigned to memory and emotions in our brain. As a result, the reaction triggered by the sense of smell is biologically inescapable, not liable to manipulation. It therefore fully satisfies our longing for authenticity.