Collection: Fanny Bal

Fanny Bal is a perfumer currently working for International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), a global leader in the fragrance industry. She was born in France and grew up with love for perfume, which led her to pursue a career in the industry. Bal studied at the prestigious ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International de la Parfumerie, de la Cosmétique et de l'Aromatique Alimentaire) in Versailles, France she honed her skills in fragrance composition.

In 2011, Fanny Bal, a student at a perfume school, sought advice from Dominique Ropion, a master perfumer, regarding a perfume she was creating as part of her studies. Ropion offered her the opportunity to come and smell raw materials every evening after her lessons. What started as a brief interaction soon turned into an impromptu training cycle. According to her biography, Ropion's training with Bal led to developing a new learning method for the International Flavors and Fragrances perfume company.