Collection: Julien Rasquinet

Among our five senses, it seems that smell has a direct connection with memories and emotions. Julien believes that our olfactive memory is the strongest. “When I think of my childhood memories, the smells come first associated with the feeling I had, then I see the images and eventually hear a sound or music” he says. For Julien, our nose is always in alert, even when we don’t pay attention, it prints sensations in the deepest parts of our brains.

Julien Rasquinet realized quite late, and thanks to the intuition of the famous perfumer Pierre Bourdon, that he was destined to creating perfumes. Since a very early age, Julien found in creative arts a way of communicating his feelings and thoughts. He loved to paint, to draw, to design and create costumes for theater and puppets. But it was only after graduating from business school that he discovered what would become his passion and profession.