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Masque Fraganze Milano

(Homage to) Hemingway

(Homage to) Hemingway

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homage to HEMINGWAYIn the operatic ode to vetiver and Ernest Hemingway, Masque Milano presents "Hemingway," a creation born from the shared passion of creative minds Alessandro and Riccardo and the olfactory prowess of perfumer Fanny Bal. Inspired by the deep blue sea and Hemingway's undefeated spirit, the fragrance encapsulates the essence of minimalist prose and complex evolution.

Fanny, mentored by Dominique Ropion, crafted a composition with a concise note list that belies its intricate layers. Three exceptional vetivers – Vetiver Heart, Vetiver Oil Haiti, and Vetiver Oil Java Molecular Distillation – take center stage, comprising nearly 60% of the formula's total weight. This overdose of vetiver, a prima donna in its own right, creates an unparalleled olfactory experience, showcasing the raw material's multifaceted beauty.

In a departure from citrus clichés, Fanny introduces a Caribbean vibe with fresh, lemony, and zesty ginger, complemented by the sour facet of rhubarb. This unexpected twist adds vibrancy to the composition, inviting wearers to envision themselves savoring a Daiquiri at the Floridita, immersed in the lively atmosphere of Hemingway's world. With its high oil concentration and homage to the literary icon, "Hemingway" stands as a testament to the artistry of both the perfumer and the creative visionaries behind the Masque Milano brand.

Top Notes: Ginger oil fresh LMR, Rhubarb
Heart Notes: Vetiver heart LMR
Base Notes: Vetiver oil Haiti LMR, Vetiver oil Java Molecular Distillation LMR, Cedar wood oil, Patchouli oil Molecular Distillation LMR, Leather
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