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Masque Fraganze Milano

Russian Tea

Russian Tea

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As the day faded, the samovar of evening boiled, casting a warm glow on the table—a scene inspired by Russian Tea, Act I, Scene III, capturing the essence of a journey to Saint Petersburg. Alessandro and Riccardo reminisce about sipping afternoon tea in an elegant café inside a lavish Art Nouveau building, overlooking a snow-covered Nevsky Prospekt.

The "Russian Tea Ritual" unfolds with maidens in white aprons and bonnets, presenting a teapot with black leaves, fresh mint, and raspberry preserve. As water meets cup, the infusion releases its distinctive notes—a heavy, intense black tea, a biting floral sharpness, and a dry, smoky aftertaste reminiscent of the campfires guarding precious tea cargos through Siberia.

Crafted by the skilled nose Julien Rasquinet, known for his mastery of smoky notes, Russian Tea becomes a sensory journey. Julien's expertise in tea accords is evident in the fragrance's development. The collaboration takes place in the enchanting Normandy mansion of Julien and his wife Irina, an eclectic artist.

Russian Tea by Masque Milano evokes a melange of tea-soaked memories—a chewy complexity with herbs, broken red fruit, burnt woods, floating white flowers, and a silvered finale. Julien's radiant talent as a perfumer shines through, creating a work of art that stirs strong emotions and memories with each spray on the skin.

Top Notes: Mint, Black Pepper, Raspberry,
Heart Notes: Black Tea, Magnolia, Everlasting Flower.
Base Notes: Leather accord, Incense, Birchwood, Cistus-Labdanum.
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