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Can I take you home?

Seduction is a skill; attraction, an instinct. the decor is in place: a wooden table, leather stools, a few irises to decorate and, temptingly, plump cherries. alternating between gallant delicacy and implicit animality. elegance obliges, serve the other first, a nod to the ceremonial tradition of sake and kirsch. a toast to good fortune, renewal and the infinite possibilities of late evening. getting to know each other and devouring each other at the same time. enjoy the present with passion and gratitude. invite or acquiesce. all that remains is to choose between ephemeral or eternal adventure.

A luscious, liqueur-like cherry melts into the powdery, iridescent meanders of sake. saffron unfurls its leathery facets, extending into a firm, comfortable suede accord. wood and moss add a woody patina.

A chic, all-consuming cherry, red fruit accord, cherry accord, saffron, iris concrete, rum absolute, leather, oak moss absolute, ambrox.

Powdery Fruity Leather
87,80 % of ingredients of natural origin
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