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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Arancia Rossa

Arancia Rossa

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Jean-Claude Ellena, a Master Perfumer with a profound affection for Italy, unveils the "Viaggio in Italia" collection—a symphony of Parfum Cologne that serves as portraits of Italian happiness. Within this olfactory journey, fragrances like Mandarino, Limone, Bergamotto, Arancia Rossa, and Pompelmo unfold as radiant expressions of sunshine in winter.

Bergamot, in Ellena's poetic words, embodies elegance, while Lemon exudes boundless energy, and Mandarin radiates pure cheerfulness. Exploring the vibrant history of oranges, Ellena draws on anecdotes from Ivrea's carnival battles to the symbolic role of oranges in Spain's victory over Portugal in 1801. From tragic operatic tales to Christmas gifts of light, the orange emerges as a versatile fruit, both earthly and sophisticated.

In the heart of Italy, where battles and celebrations intertwine, Ellena captures the essence of citrus fruits, each with its unique personality and cultural resonance. The fragrance collection becomes a testament to the multifaceted nature of oranges—juicy and carnal, yet elegant and sophisticated, evoking memories of battles, celebrations, and the promise of summer in every drop. "Viaggio in Italia" invites you to bask in the warmth and joy of Italian spirit through these luminous olfactory portraits.

Heart Notes: Italian Blood Orange, Orange Flowers, Passion Fruit, White Musk
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