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Laboratorio Olfattivo



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Embark on an olfactory journey through the sun-kissed landscapes of Italy with the "Viaggio in Italia" collection, a series of Parfum Cologne masterfully crafted by the renowned perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena. In this collection, fragrances like Mandarino, Limone, Bergamotto, Arancia Rossa, and Pompelmo come together as portraits of Italian happiness—capturing the essence of sunshine in winter.

Jean-Claude Ellena, a master perfumer with an enduring love for Italy, pays homage to the country's rich citrus heritage. While citrus fruits originated in China, Bergamot, with its Italian roots, takes center stage. A citrus marvel, Bergamot's creation, shrouded in mystery, involves the ingenious crossbreeding of a lemon tree and a bitter orange. Ellena reflects on the historical significance of Bergamot, its journey from Italy to China, and how it added fragrance to tea in a fascinating exchange.

Expressing a personal preference for Bergamot, Ellena reveals a profound connection to this timeless scent. Acknowledging the illusionary nature of a perfumer's craft, he embraces his love for Bergamot, making it official and elevating it to the status of a passing love and a solid, perennial commitment.

In the "Viaggio in Italia" collection, Jean-Claude Ellena invites you to experience the magic of Italy through the vibrant, sunlit notes of Bergamot and other citrus treasures, encapsulating the joy and warmth of the Italian spirit.

Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Cardamom, White Musk
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