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Carner Barcelona

Black Calamus

Black Calamus

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BLACK CALAMUS - Carner Barcelona Black Collection (Rodrigo Flores-Roux)

Quintessence of the Oud: black elegance!

With BLACK CALAMUS, CARNER from Barcelona brings us the extraordinary with a cosmopolitan 'Espíritu'. The oil of Indian calamus opens up the journey of the senses in a balsamic and excitingly warm way. The skin vibrates as pepper, coriander and cinnamon light up. And then the dark, passionate heart reveals itself with a truly elegant oud accord, carried by Omani silver incense, cypriol and labdanum. Osmanthus and rose absolute flash briefly and intensify the atmosphere until smoky cade oil majestically amplifies the pulse of the oud.
All of this happens with sovereign ease, all notes are perfectly balanced.
Rarely has the proud oud been worn so elegantly and relaxed - and rarely has one felt so beautiful!

Top Notes: Indian calamus essence, Malabar pepper, Moroccan coriander seeds, Egyptian papyrus extract
Heart Notes: Andalusian labdanum resin, Andalusian cistus concrete, Chinese osmanthus absolute, Turkish rose absolute
Base Notes: Mexican vanilla extract, Oud wood accord, Omani frankincense, Spanish cade essence
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