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Ella K

Camelia K

Camelia K

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The camellia nestling on my back is brushed by your fleeting touch, as my hand seeks solace in yours. One by one, the reddish petals inflame my every tissue and blush my cheeks. My whole being, transported by their transient touch, is liberated for you. My soul takes leave and is suspended above our all-consuming love.

The mellifluous marriage of ginger, dragon fruit and mandarin invites us to cross the threshold into a voluptuous paradise. This creation is a poetic summons to desire, wrapped in the sensuality of vanilla, vetiver and patchouli, emerging from an intense bouquet of orange blossom, red camellia and sambac jasmine.


A luminous summer morning in the Sapa valley where morning dew holds on fresh flowers, sun passes through the leaves, like a unique and magic moment to admire gorgeous nature. My eyes stopped on a wild red camellia with its blooming scarlet petals, I was dazzled… To highlight this floral wet bouquet, I combined it with the brightness of a fresh bergamot and clean fresh facets. The sweetness of vanilla and tonka brings a sensual effect to this floral fragrance.
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