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Daily Protection Hydrating Day Cream SPF 30

Daily Protection Hydrating Day Cream SPF 30

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A 2-in-1 daily dose of Niacinamide+ SPF 30 cream that helps to improve your skin elasticity, prevents free radical damage, reduces fine lines and even wrinkles. This active ingredient helps treat acne and can regulate the sebum level of your skin. It also reduces redness, strengthens the overall skin barrier AND helps shielding you against UVA ( Aging ) and UVB ( Burning ) on a daily basis.

The Cream is lightweight, hydrating and wears beautifully under makeup.

It’s also full of clean ingredients like Adenosine and Rosemary Leaf Oil to help nourish and shield your skin from other aggressors and can reignite your radiance and rejuvenate your complexion.
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