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Es Vedra, an island steeped in Mediterranean allure and shrouded in legend, is believed to be the remnants of mythical Atlantide or the Sirens' island from Homeric memory. Pierre Guillaume drew inspiration from the magnetic charm and contrasting nature of Es Vedra to craft a fragrance that captures its wild essence—Es vedra, a unique interpretation of Vetiver.

In this olfactory journey, conflicting facets coexist and seamlessly blend, mirroring the island's juxtaposition of rugged rocks and spontaneous vegetation. Esvedra thrives on oppositions, where the lush green of nature grows vibrantly amidst the wind-beaten and sun-kissed earth. The perfume finds its equilibrium in these harmonious contradictions.

Pierre Guillaume's creation presents a Vetiver with a dry, penetrating, and almost arid character that unexpectedly melds with a powdery Musk note—soft and elusive. Described as a "fractale" Vetiver, it exhibits irregularity and expresses itself with magnetic green notes, hints of sensuality, and a sparkling celestial touch of Petit Grain Lemon and Coriander leaves. Esvedra defies traditional fragrance structures, discarding the conventional top-heart-base sequence and opting for a novel composition where all elements converge at the center, creating a perfume of unique and captivating complexity.

Top Notes: Névénolide
Heart Notes: Vetyver, Musks, Petit Grain, Lemon
Base Notes: Leaves of Coriander
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