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Laboratorio Olfattivo



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Delve into the multifaceted brilliance of oud with a fragrance that elevates this precious essence to the status of a radiant diamond—introducing a symphony composed by the skilled hands of Pierre-Constantin Guéros. This olfactory masterpiece showcases the finest quality Oud from Ajmal, India, a harmonious blend of smokiness, leathery richness, subtle animalic nuances, and an irresistible vibrancy that captivates the senses.

At the heart of this aromatic gem lies a unique composition—a fresh floral accord of Magnolia and Lilybelle. This ethereal combination infuses the fragrance with brightness, enthusiasm, and joy, offering a delightful contrast to the depth of oud. Lilybelle® imparts an almost aquatic character, allowing the perfume to breathe and flourish.

The journey continues with an overdose of Ambrocenide® and Ambrostar®, intensifying the fragrance with sharpness, remarkable projection, and enduring vibrance. These molecular wonders create a lasting impression, ensuring the scent lingers eternally. The fragrance then embraces the perfect wood hybrid, blending the darkness of Patchouli heart fraction with the addictive softness of Sandalwood Album and the earthy, rooty allure of Vetiver from Madagascar.

In the final act, Oud Boya makes a grand entrance, accentuating the woody oriental character that defines this extraordinary composition. Pierre-Constantin Guéros invites you to experience the essence of oud in a fragrance that transcends boundaries and redefines olfactive luxury.

Top Notes: Black Pepper Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Red Berries Extract, Coriander, Olibanum
Heart Notes: Magnolan®, Gardenia, Lilybelle®, Cypriol Oil
Base Notes: Oud Ajmal Oil, Oud Boya Oil, Sandalwood Album Oil, Vetiver Madagascar*, Patchouli Oil, Ambrocenide®, Ambrostar®
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