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Kama, in ancient traditions, symbolizes the deep and vivid essence of desire. It represents the spark that ignites our desire and drives our pursuit of pleasure and connection. Over time, life’s routine can overshadow these fundamental desires. Yet, within each of us lies the flame of Kama, a reminder of our ability to experience, and indulge in life’s pleasures. This essence is not just about fleeting moments of happiness, but a deeper, more sustained enjoyment of life's richness – in arts, nature, and human connections.

Kama, named after the Sanskrit word for desire, is an ode to these enduring passions and pleasures. It is a call to reconnect with the vibrant, desirous being within us, celebrating the art of living with every sense. 

Kama is a unisex extrait de parfum with natural essences. 

Notes: Blackberries, birch tar, violet, orris, cotton candy, leather, cypriol, dry amber, moss, cashmere wool and musk

In Hindu mythology, Kama is the god of love, akin to Cupid. He wields a bow of sugarcane and arrows adorned with flowers, symbolizing sensual love. Kama's most famous tale involves Lord Shiva. When Shiva was deep in meditation, disrupting cosmic balance, Kama was sent to awaken his desires using his arrows. This act aimed to have Shiva marry Parvati, thus restoring harmony. However, Shiva, disturbed, incinerated Kama with his third eye. Kama was later revived by Shiva as a formless being, representing the omnipresent yet invisible nature of desire. This story underscores the power of desire, capable of influencing divine beings and altering cosmic balance.

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