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Laboratorio Olfattivo



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Kashnoir, the eleventh olfactory masterpiece from Laboratorio Olfattivo, is a sensorial journey into the forbidden and mysterious East, where narcotic flowers, psychotropic herbs, and haunted spices converge to create a softly lethal drug that eclipses reason and mesmerizes the senses. More than a fragrance, Kashnoir is an intoxicating elixir, almost perilous to the wearer, evoking an alluring oblivion.

The scent unfolds with warmth and luminosity, weaving fresh citrus nuances with deep lavender undertones, creating a discreet opening that gradually leads to a hypnotic heart. This passionate core, sustained for hours, features the exquisite Orange Blossom absolute, an oriental velvety Rose, and a touch of green Coriander. As Kashnoir evolves, it explosively reveals its sinful soul, an intoxicating liaison dangereuse.

The fragrance's sinful character intensifies with the almond notes of Heliotrope and the golden warmth of Vanilla and Benzoin, adding a roundness that tempers but never fully tames its allure. The finale is a solemn procession of the most dangerous essence—the earthy, enigmatic Patchouli.

Top Notes: Lemon ess., Bergamot ess., Lavender ess.
Heart Notes: Coriander ess., Rose ess., Orange blossom Absolute
Base Notes: Patchouli ess., Benzoin, Heliotrope, Vanilla
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