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Masque Fraganze Milano

Love Kills

Love Kills

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Eternal rose

Masque Milano is once again able to surprise us - with 'LOVE KILLS' they bring us a rose, or rather a rose's dream of the drama of love!
Anyone who rolls their eyes and wrinkles their nose when they hear ‚rose' will be taught better: this rose is modern and timeless, innocent and seductive, shining and mysterious. In other words, everything at the same time that only a few rose soliflores can achieve: To conjure up the queen of flowers in the bottle as if you would meet one in the garden. Perfumer Caroline Dumur has done this squaring of the circle, namely to place the whole drama of the flowers fragrance in the simple form of a dreamy rose!
For women and brave men ...

LOVE…: Rose oil Turkish LMR, Geranium oil Egypt “for life” LMR, Love Skin accord (Ambrette Absolute LMR, Rose oxide)…KILLS: Rose absolute Turkish LMR, Patchouli Oil Molecular Distillation Indonesia LMR, Love Scars accord (Cedarwood oil, animalic musks, Ambrarome)
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