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Masque Fraganze Milano

Luci ed ombre

Luci ed ombre

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II – I
Deep within your soul, Act II, Scene I unfolds the mysterious narrative of Luci ed Ombre—a whisper in the shadows, delicately embroidering the border between dark uncertainties and fleeting remnants of light.

The fragrance, described as a progression of "Light, Chiaroscuro, and Dark notes" by the perfumer, Giuseppe Imprezzabile, unfolds in stages, revealing a composition more intricate than these categories might imply. Chiaroscuro, suggesting romanticized shadows and the soft glow of a single candle, sets the atmospheric tone.

In the opening, "light" notes feature the compelling, razor-clean, and juicy essence of ginger. Giuseppe masterfully navigates the challenge of ginger, avoiding the clichés associated with its common use, presenting it as a light and damp, earthy citrus. This unique touch tempers the white florals that follow, preventing them from becoming overpowering.

The heart of Luci ed Ombre introduces a gentle, watery tuberose, shimmering at the edge of light, surrounded by the indolent shadows of jasmine. Giuseppe's expertise, honed at Meo Fusciuni, is evident in the fragrance's lambent quietude—a delicate assembly of notes that becomes increasingly apparent with each wear. The composition, evoking the 80s vibe with incense and mossy florals, emerges as a scent of stillness in a synth beat memory, offering a mysterious, addictive allure that lingers on the skin and captivates the senses.

Top Notes: Incense. “Cradle and Karma of soaring light”.Chiaroscuros: Ginger, Tuberose, Jasmine, Moss. “In the heart of the Opera, the emotional continuum of the human being, between desire and perpetual quest of oneself”.
Base Notes: Incense, Cedarwood, Patchouli. “Wounded body, human lymph, deep and restless truth”.
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