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Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party

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When I was a little girl, there were times when I wanted to escape from the whole world. That’s when I would imagine that I was Alice and go deep down the rabbit hole. And although it would most often be my own room, suddenly everything turned out to be possible in it. Talking animals. Cakes that made me shrink to the size of Thumbelina. Potions transforming me into a giantess (who knows, maybe at the root of my passion for blending aromas is the dream that one day I will be able to invent some magic potion?).

Of course, Aga-Alicia had to attend the Mad Hatter’s tea parties. I used to seat the dolls on chairs and serve them with imaginary tea (glasses in metal baskets, the only ones available in the coarse communist era, pretended to be exquisite porcelain) and sweets. I would get into character so much that I could taste and smell butter cookies dipped in tea infusion.

In this perfume I encapsulated just that memory. A time machine that will transport you to a childhood Wonderland.

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