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MAGDA - Lubin Portraits de Femmes (Delphine Thierry)

Mexican Muse!

Lubin Paris creates another perfume for a strong woman with perfumer Delphine Thierry: MAGDA wears the scents of her Mexican homeland - tuberose, gardenia, vanilla orchid. And she wears them with the intention of turning the heads of the French avant-garde while giving her heart to poetry. Muse and author at the same time, she is independent and self-confident.

Delphine Thierry tells the story of this woman with tubereuse absolute, cassis, sandalwood, amaretto and passion. MAGDA is a wonderfully rapturous perfume that traces its wearer for a long time to come.

Top Notes: pomegranate, cherry, blackcurrant syrup, mandarin
Heart Notes: Indian tuberose, Tunisian orange blossom, gardenia, cinnamon
Base Notes: amaretto accord, New Caledonian sandalwood, Peruvian balsam, vanilla
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