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The Nose Behind

Miami South Beach

Miami South Beach

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This fragrance ignites like a burst of fireworks, with initial notes of sweet rum, carrot, clary sage, coconut, and honey, reminiscent of an exotic cocktail. Oud takes center stage briefly before fruity raspberry and gourmand vanilla and curry notes emerge. Woods and tart pine and vetiver grass follow, while oud continues to surprise in various forms, shifting between fruity, ambery, and woody tones. Reflecting the mood of Miami South Beach, it's intense and long-lasting, offering an exotic allure.

Head Notes: Rum, Clary Sage, Davana, Carrot
Heart Notes: Cedarwood & Lily
Base Notes: Curry, Amber, Tobacco, Musk, Honey, Coconut, Raspberry, Vanilla, Pine, Vetiver, & Oud

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