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Midnight Rejuvenation

Midnight Rejuvenation

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Restructuring Oil Serum

Restructuring lipids (beneficial fats) are enriched with potent plant extracts that naturally contain retinol and vitamin C. Visibly regenerates, firms, resculpts and balances the skin. A highly effective antiaging treatment for all skin types. High-performance plant nutrients

The Opuntia cactus grows in the desert and has to endure extreme climate conditions (heat, cold, wind, sun, lack of water). To survive in this hostile environment the plant produces protective substances called adaptogenics. By using different parts of the cactus in this formula, the skin can potentiate its own protection functions.

The seeds of the cactus fruit are pressed (first cold-pressing) and provide us with the perfect balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9). This composition is essential to create the perfect equilibrium for the sebaceous glands and to restructure and resculpt the skin. The oil is enriched with highly efficacious plant extracts that naturally contain bioretinol and vitamin C.

The calendula flower extract contains powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which can counteract free radicals and radiation. This potent medicinal plant also stimulates collagen production, which increases skin tightness and hydration.

Seabuckthorn is another adaptogenic plant and is known for its extraordinary vitamin C and vitamin A content. This plant is also a powerful collagen booster and potentiates cell renewal and regeneration.

Our proprietary, artisan plant extraction techniques assure that each product is packed with antiaging nutrients. We use sequential extraction techniques, where we add plants to the oil and let them macerate until all nutrients have been absorbed by the oil. Then we filter the oil and add a new batch of plants and repeat the extraction process up to 7 times. For the plant extraction we use cold-pressed, premium quality sunflower seed oil, which is a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants that help to reduce redness and irritation, while protecting the skin against UV rays and pollution.

The combination of deeply nourishing essential fatty acids with potent plant extracts creates a truly skin transforming oil serum. The result is an absolut nutrient bomb for the skin.

• Restructures and regenerates
• Visibly reduces expression lines and wrinkles
• Profoundly nourishes and smoothes
• Equilibrates skin sebum
• Restores skin elasticity
• Prevents premature ageing

Ideal for ALL skin types, especially for dry, oily, sensitive, reactive, acne prone skin, fragile capillaries and impurities.

Calendula officinalis flower extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil · Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract · Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil · Parfum* · Linalool* · Citronellol* · Geraniol* · Limonene* · Farnesol* · Eugenol* · citral* (*from natural essential oils)
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