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Masque Fraganze Milano



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I – II
In the livingroom of an old villa, in the Tuscan countryside.It is the close of day.

Act I Scene II

Montecristo, the second fragrance in the Opera collection, draws inspiration from the eponymous tiny island in the Tuscan Archipelago, echoing the cozy ambiance of an old mansion's living room. Crafted by perfumer Delphine Thierry, who also created Terralba, Montecristo is a unique exploration of opposites—the energizing Mediterranean seaside sunrise and the intimate eventide ambiance of a Tuscan countryside retreat.

Praised for its expertly rendered textures, Montecristo captures the essence of well-worn wood and leather, the swirl of rum in crystal glasses, chocolatey patchouli, and the rich scent of tobacco. Delphine deftly uses ambrette seed, introducing an earthen, musky quality under the sweet dry smoke. The fragrance takes an intriguing turn with the inclusion of Golden or African Stone (Hyraceum), a sustainable source of potent animalic musk derived from the Rock Hyrax.

Montecristo's boozy bonfire of tobacco, woods, and balms is ignited by Hyraceum, creating a refined sensual assault. Contrary to the brash mood of previous cigar-themed fragrances, Montecristo exudes a smooth sense of privacy, inviting appreciation for flavor, ambience, and effect—a sophisticated olfactory journey capturing the essence of Tuscan hideaways and captivating landscapes. Cabreuva and celery seeds add complexity, creating a nuanced wall of scent that keeps the senses engaged in the rich tapestry of Montecristo.

Top Notes: Cabreuva, Ambrette Seeds, Rum.
Heart Notes: Tobacco Leaves, Celery Seeds, Cistus, Benzoin.
Base Notes: Golden Stone, Styrax Gum, Gaiac Wood, Cedar Wood, Patchouli.
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