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Ella K

Poème de Sagano

Poème de Sagano

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POÈME DE SAGANO - ELLA K (Sonia Constant)

Green declaration of love

Sonia Constant wanders through the bamboo forest of Sagano near Kyoto and leaves us this fragrance - a declaration of love for the color green in all its facets!
The fragrance opens with fresh green leafy notes, flickered by the play of sunlight on the slender bamboo stems and mossy cushions. This is joined by nuances of tropical fruits, cassis and dark green ivy, just a hint. In its development, the fragrance remains exactly at the point where the notes merge into an abstract green meditation that remains infinitely elegant and reserved on the skin....again a wonderful page from the travel memories of the ELLA K!

Matcha, Grass, Green Leaves, Eucalyptus, Cassis, Tropical Fruit, Violet Leaf, Ivy Leaves, Bamboo
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