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Masque Fraganze Milano



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RAY-FLECTION - MASQUE Opera | Masque Milano (Alex Lee)

Psychedelic flower

A hallucinogenic flower of strange beauty resides in this bottle. Once let out, it envelops everything with psychedelic impressions of an endless summer day: Bee buzz and mimosa giggles, grass tickling your legs and viscous honey rinds on your bare skin. Then suddenly a wind comes up that makes pollen as big as cotton blossoms dance around your head until golden rays of light take your mind away - or was that just a daydream after all?
...a poetic trip by Masque Milano, into the depths of a gigantic honey blossom that is not of this world!
From now on completely inconspicuous to be found in our Masque collection.

Top Notes: Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Aldehydes, Cardamom pure Jungle Essence™.
Heart Notes: Mimosa Absolute France, Violette Leaves Absolute, Solar Rays Accord.
Base Notes: Beeswax Absolute, Cedarwood Essence, Musk Accord.
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