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Masque Fraganze Milano



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– Victorian Narcissus –In Act III Scene II, the Victorian studio was imbued with the opulent scent of roses, an olfactory tapestry that transported Alessandro to an era of decadent charm – Victorian London. The inspiration for Romanza draws from Oscar Wilde's masterwork, "The Picture of Dorian Gray," where the studio's ambiance is vividly described with a myriad of flowers, including roses, lilac, pink-flowering thorn, laburnum blossoms, and woodbine. Interestingly, Wilde omits narcissus, although Lord Henry associates Dorian with this dualistic flower, symbolizing perpetual beauty and inevitable aging.

Narcissus, both in name and nature, takes center stage in Romanza, a decadent fragrance encapsulating the duality of Dorian Gray's character. The internal codename, "L'innamoramento," reflects the state of falling in love, capturing the elusive and undefined moment. Narcissus, with its aesthetic and symbolic significance, becomes the perfect olfactive representation of "innamoramento," residing somewhere in between definitive emotions.

Romanza, with its subtitle "Victorian Narcissus," subtly nods to Dorian Gray, encapsulating the Beautiful Age and decadence of the Victorian era. The fragrance, like a gentle opera aria dedicated to love, harmonizes the complexities of Dorian's character with the timeless allure of narcissus.

The Appearance: DANDY’S TOUCH – Absinth (Artemisia), Orange Blossom, Angelica.The Soul: HEDONIST BOUQUET – French Narcissus Abs., Violet Leaves, Jasmine.The Ineluctable: TIME REVENGE – Decadent Woods (Vetiver, Cedarwood, Patchouli), Amber Accord, Myrrh
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