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From the very first moment, Shouq beckons with the seductive allure of Bulgarian Rose, mingling with the spirited Egyptian Geranium and the pure, gentle whisper of Lily of the Valley. Together, they compose a silent serenade that resonates with the unspoken desires of the heart-a magnetic siren song that draws you irresistibly toward the essence of affection.

Delve deeper into the embrace of Shouq and find yourself amidst a tapestry woven with the earthy richness of Nagarmotha, the robust cadences of Gurjum Balsam, and the dignified grace of Cedar Atlas. It's a scent that speaks of ancient romance, of noble courts and timeless passion, captured in each luxurious note.

As twilight embraces the world, Shouq settles into the warmth of Indian Sandalwood, the refined complexity of Haitian Vetiver, and the profound depths of Oud and Musk. These base notes enfold you in a sumptuous and lasting caress, as profound and enduring as a promise whispered in the dark. Shouq is not merely a perfume but a passage to an intimate haven, a sanctuary where love breathes with every pulse, drawing you ever nearer to the pinnacle of passion.

Top Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Geranium, Lily of the Valley
Heart Notes: Nagarmotha, Gurjum, Cedar Atlas
Base Notes: Notes: Indian Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, Oud, Musk
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