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Pierre Guillaume Paris



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"The Inspiration"
Incense, with its deep history and religious allure, captivates perfumers uniquely. Its woody, mineral, and slightly spicy essence adds a mystical dimension to compositions. Once more drawn to incense, I embarked on a journey starting with Kyara Wood, inspired by the fumes of Indonesian oud combustion.

The Perfume:
Balancing mineral and fiery notes, the perfume, an "animalized smoke," harmonizes with incense resin. Twelve natural raw materials, including Benzoin, Cypress, Gaiac, and Patchouli, unite to create a vibrant and monolithic essence. A propellant of citrus, saffron, and blackcurrant gives life to this woody-amber and spicy "cocoon."

Sorong, like a laser, emanates power and brilliance. Paradoxically, it cocoons the wearer in a sense of protection, an invisible and guardian force. It acts as a talisman, its olfactory trail forming an aromatic shield.

The Name:
Sorong, named after the Indonesian city, once involved in incense trade with Oman, encapsulates the essence's rich history and mystique.

Citric Notes, Saffron, Black Currant, Benzoin, Labdanum Rockrose), Elem, Fenugreek, Cypress, Lignum Vitae, Iris, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Ginger, Nagarmotha
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