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Carner Barcelona

Sweet William

Sweet William

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SWEET WILLIAM - Carner Barcelona

Rose carnation dandy

'Sweet William' is your favorite carnation-rose dandy, reading you Elizabethan poems, waving his fragrant handkerchief a little and infusing the air with exotic spices. His eyes sparkle cunningly, his mouth is curled up in a mocking smile - and yet he loves you more than anyone else. Irony is his protective armor, but his passion for you runs infinitely deep!
Oh, don't be like that, give him a chance, nothing is more dangerous than unrequited love!.
Rosennelken Dandy

Top Notes: White pepper, cardamom, Laotian cinnamon bark, galangal
Heart Notes: Dianthus superbus scentrek tm, ylang ylang from Commores Islands, rose water extract, night blooming tobacco flower
Base Notes: Ambrarome, styrax, Florentine iris, vanilla absolute
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