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The Latin American way of life is full of diversity, culture, and joy, known for the hospitality and happiness of its people. South America is also famous for the sensuality of their dancing, for their varied dishes, tasteful rums and their beautiful tropical landscapes. The feeling of euphoria, when you step onto the sacred soil of South America, the same feeling we have tried to capture inside this flacon. Tierra was born, the olfactive translation of the Latin American culture.

Tierra is the elixir of happiness - to bring joy and warmth during a cold and moody period.
Tierra means in Spanish “earth“ or “soil“ – however as a metaphor it also stands for “home“, the place where you come from, where you feel good, alive, and happy.
Tierra is a unisex extrait de parfum with natural essences

Aged Rum, Vanilla, Colombian Spices, Benzoin, Red Berries, Oud
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