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Masque Fraganze Milano



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Act I Scene IVMASQUE MILANO Times Square encapsulates the intersection of extremes, where excess becomes the norm, capturing the restless indulgence and wild allure of the city that never sleeps. The surprising opening unfolds with the intoxicating blend of glossy lipstick and hazelnut spread, an olfactory explosion that captivates the senses.

In the heart, a visible sensuality emerges, seductive and provocative, featuring the prominent white floral tuberose and the supple suede texture of osmanthus. The drydown, influenced by the rubber of Broadway taxis represented by styrax, seamlessly melds with soft sandalwood and gajacwood, leaving an unforgettable trail of sensuality.

Described by enthusiasts as a fragrance for embracing the world in all its beauty and ugliness, sacred and profane, Times Square embodies the decadent beauty of cheap lipstick, blowsy florals, steam, leather, and rubber. Renowned perfumer Bruno Jovanovic interprets the extreme essence of the Big Apple, recreating the neon-lit jungle that left a lasting impression on Alessandro in 1993.

With no budget constraints, the collaboration with IFF utilized headspace technology, allowing the recreation of accords representing 1980s glossy lipstick, "neon light" makeup, street food, and the smell of melting tires on asphalt. The result is a fragrance that encapsulates the vibrant essence of Times Square, a sensory journey into the heart of New York's iconic district.

Top Notes: Hazelnut Accord, Glossy Lipstick Accord.
Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Tuberose.
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Gajacwood, Styrax.
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