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Fine Spirits Perfumes

Your Liquid Gold

Your Liquid Gold

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Gentle spirit

Perfumes and fine spirits have a lot in common: The palette of their aromas, their complexity and, finally, the ability to whisk you away to intoxicating highs or lows!The Swiss newcomer label Fine Spirits Perfumes creates just such perfumes that are inspired by the enjoyment of spiritual beverages.

And in their first fragrance YOUR LIQUID GOLD the warm, sensual heart of a Scottish single malt beats.

After an opening with salty Atlantic air and spicy heather, you quickly enter the warm distillery and the heart of the perfume: two rare oak wood extracts with their majestic notes blend with a long-lasting base of cedar, vanilla, soft leather, a little honey, tobacco and the sweet scent of 'Scottish Shortbread'. Anyone expecting massive notes will be surprised how gently this perfume develops and accompanies you into the evening.
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